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Cities of the World

My first app of 2015—Cities of the World—continues my successful series of Geography Apps and is translated into 15 languages. It has been released for both platforms:

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The English description of the game is the following:

Guess and spell the names of the 100 most famous cities of the world using the pictures of their landmarks (New York, London, Beijing and so on).
– You won’t get stuck if you don’t know the answer because the app allows you to guess each word letter by letter and will immediate show if the next letter is incorrect!
– The cities are arranged in the order of increasing difficulty and are divided into two levels. If you think that the first questions are too easy, just proceed forward until you encounter really hard ones.
– Two quiz modes: 1) for those who like spell city names and 2) for those who prefer to choose from 4 answers.
– Very entertaining learning experience for all geography and traveling fans!

This app is translated into 15 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Turkish languages.


icons for buttons were downloaded from iconmonstr or were created with Font Awesome.



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