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Ads Stats

I haven’t started experimenting with different ad networks yet and use standard solutions in my apps: AdMob (banners and interstitials for iOS and banners for Android) + iAd (only banners for iOS). Since Android versions of apps appeared very recently, I have a reliable stats only for iOS.

Ads are mediated through AdMob with the “Optimize AdMob Network” option checked. It results in a much higher number of impressions and higher eCPM for AdMob than for iAd, but I found that this scheme generates the greatest income. It’s important to remember that AdMob works everywhere, while iAd is available only in 16 countries.

Below, I show the Ads Stats for a typical week in August-September. There are always daily fluctuations in income with Saturday usually being the best day.

The numbers are self-explanatory for those in mob dev business. My 46 apps bring about $150 and 140k impressions a day. Fill rates are very high and the cost per click is about 15 cents. Of course, these number may vary between apps and countries. Here is the stats for the most profitable app Flags of the World (AdMob banner, AdMob interstitials, iAd banner):

Banners are shown constantly interchanging AdMob/iAd while interstitials are shown after every 15 questions. I’d like to point out that there is an in-app-purchase to remove ads for $0.99 and thus all these stats may be slightly disturbed comparing to actual app usage.


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Learn Numerals in 7 languages

You may find the Learn Numerals app useful because it’s not about chemistry. It’s about another thing where you have to learn by heart a lot of new words: numerals (numbers) in 7 major European languages.

The English description of the game is the following:

In this app, you’ll learn the names of numerals in 7 important languages. Please choose the learning method that suits you the best.

* Tables
* Flashcards
* Quizzes

– Spanish
– French
– German
– Italian
– Portuguese
– Russian
– English!


1. The app got into an “overnight” review. Yesterday, 8 days after the submission, the status changed to “in review”, but it was not until this morning, it was finally reviewed and placed on the App Store (formally after 17.5 h in review).

2. New features:
– It’s my first app since Monster! that uses different languages as quiz modes.
– The game is localized to those 7 languages as well. I believe that the localization at the time of the release (rather than in an update) was a key to the relative success of Hydrocarbons.
– There are interstitial ads that appear randomly around the 15th question (or flashcard). I’m disappointed with the “Press button to watch ads – Get 30 hints” approach that generated some impression but very, very little money.

3. Acknowledgements:
Icons for buttons were downloaded from iconmonstr or were created with Font Awesome.


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Amino Acids Structures and Names

My second chemical app Amino Acids Structures and Names was approved less than in one week after the first one about Hydrocarbons. This time there have been no problems during the submission / review process at all.

The English description of the app:

Do you know the chemical formula of glycine?
Btw, the knowledge of structures and names of amino acids – building blocks of proteins and peptides – are important not only for chemists, but also for biologists, pharmacists, and just for everyone studying science and/or medicine. This app is the easiest and the most efficient way to learn the structures, codes, and properties of 20 standard amino acids and 14 related compounds.


* ‘Structure – Name’ Quiz
* Flashcards – Rate each card to adjust to your level of knowledge
* All 22 proteinogenic Amino Acids (20 standard + Selenocysteine and Pyrrolysine)
* Colorful structural formulas
* Three- and One-letter codes (abbreviations)
* Isoelectric points (pI)
* Essential Amino Acids
* Polar and Hydrophobic Amino Acids
* Unnatural Amino Acids such as D-Alanine
* Dipeptides such as Aspartame*


It is a perfect app for everyone studying:

* Biochemistry
* Organic Chemistry
* Molecular Biology


New features:
– It can be also called my first biochemical app.
– Flashcards mode – the player sees a formula or a name of an amino acid, tries to remember what’s the missing info is, checks “Show an Answer” and finally rates how well he/she knows this particular amino acid (from 1 – not at all – to 5 – very well). The probability of this card to be shown again depends on this rating.
– The IAP is associated with flashcards. There are 34 compounds in the app and only 10 cards are available for free. To get them all, one has to buy “All flashcards & Remove Ads”.
– “Promo buttons”:
a) instead of the “More Games” list in Settings, I have a direct link to Hydrocarbons and other apps from the game. The button shows up after answers to certain questions.
b) The button “Watch Ads” was moved from Settings to the game as well. It shows an AdMob interstitial, gives hints for this, and disappears.
– So far it was localized only to English and Russian but I do have plans to add at least German, Spanish, and Italian in future updates.
– I may called it “a game” but it’s my first app in the Education category.

3. Acknowledgements:
icons for buttons were downloaded from iconmonstr or were created with Font Awesome.


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Hydrocarbon Chemical Formula

Word World

My first chemistry app Hydrocarbon Formula has been approved and is on the App Store. I plan this to be a start of a series of apps based on the model “Letter Quiz” where the player sees a picture or a formula and has to build its name from the given letters. There will be both chemical and non-chemical quizzes.

The English description of the game is the following:

This application is essential for students learning the basics of organic chemistry, for teachers, graduate students and professionals checking their knowledge of the subject. There are more than 175 structural formulas: fun to guess – easy to remember. Hydrocarbons are the most fundamental class of organic compounds, so it is very important to know their chemical names.

Questions are logically divided into 6 topics covering all possible hydrocarbons. Begin with crucial structures such as methane CH4, benzene C6H6, and octane C8H18 and then proceed to advance topics learning about benzopyrene C20H12 and cubane C8H8. In each question, guess the name of the hydrocarbon or use the hints.

The compound database is prepared by a PhD chemist. 178 structures and names of:

* Alkanes
* Cycloalkanes
* Alkenes / Alkynes
* Dienes, and Polyenes
* Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Arenes)
* Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)


1. This app was twice rejected because of too-long name (the reviewer asked to move all those “dienes, polyenes” to keywords) and because of failed (?) in-app-purchase. According to the attached screenshot, the IAP did work. So I wrote a letter to the Resolution Center and the app was quickly approved without any additional comments on their side or actions on my side.

2. New features are:
– “Watch Ads” button showing an AdMob interstitial and giving the player 20 hints
– Send an email to the author (asmolgam@gmail.com) button in the app
– 40 hints are given for sharing the info about the app on Twitter or Facebook
– Localization to 5 languages besides English and Russian: German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

3. Acknowledgements: icons for buttons were downloaded from iconmonstr or were created with Font Awesome.


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Monster! Update of the First Game

I am currently watching the performance of Greek Letters and Alphabet, updating What Color is This Monster?, and developing fruHarvest. A couple of words about each project.
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[Forgotten Games] BeVampired: The Diaries of a Vampire Slayer

App Store (Free)
© Lunagames International B.V.

The first “forgotten game” to be reviewed is this old (released in Sept. 2011) match-3 game that I actually liked, played for several hours until 38th level, and got an inspiration for several my projects. The name is a pre-Halloween parody of the Bejeweled hit, of course. Lunagames also published its clone BeZombied. We all like games about vampires, zombies, and birds, don’t we?
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WCiTM? – Meet Asmolgamrus – AdMob Mediation – and some personal stuff

The major achievement today is the transfer of What Color is This Monster? from its blogspot home to this site. I played briefly with WordPress and I’m impressed how better it is than blogspot for my goals. The heroes of the game (Lamper, Clocker, Stump-axer, Visitor, and Dragoner) now inhabit the top bar instead of the default picture with old books.

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Big Plans about Game Development Blog

This is the first post of my developer blog. I’ll try to write daily except on the dates when I’m traveling or super busy, or just don’t have much to say.

Today I registered asmolgam.com. This site will be a main link for all my apps and games. Besides the developer blog, I plan to review some simple free games about which nobody else is writing.
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