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Greek Letters and Alphabet

Greek Letters and Alphabet

After an intense week of the development, waiting for the availability of Apple certificates, and initial rejection due to unchecked IAPs, Greek Letters and Alphabet are finally available on the App Store.

Let me copy the description of the game (game? or an educational app?) here:

From Alpha to Omega. We guarantee that you’ll learn all Greek letters after finishing all 8 training and entertaining game modes. Essential for those:
– Learning Greek and reading Homer in original;
– Joining a Greek fraternity or sorority (ever wondered what those ΦΛΥ stand for?);
– Studying science classes (math, physics, chemistry – there are Greek symbols in every formula!);
– Traveling to Greece or Cyprus (to understand signs and names);
– Wanting to learn more about other cultures and impress buddies by knowing letter ω.

The application features:
– All 24 Greek letters: uppercase and lowercase;
– 8 game modes to learn Greek letters quickly and happily;
– Tutorial with all letters arranged in an alphabetical order;
– Eye-catching design in traditions of the red-figure pottery of Ancient Greece.

Can you distinguish Chi and Xi? Test yourself right now!

Enjoy the game! Learn Greek letters with my app!
I’ll write more about the development, uploading, and first downloads later in this blog.


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WCiTM? – Meet Asmolgamrus – AdMob Mediation – and some personal stuff

The major achievement today is the transfer of What Color is This Monster? from its blogspot home to this site. I played briefly with WordPress and I’m impressed how better it is than blogspot for my goals. The heroes of the game (Lamper, Clocker, Stump-axer, Visitor, and Dragoner) now inhabit the top bar instead of the default picture with old books.

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What Color is This Monster?

A new educational quiz What Color is This Monster? is ready for sale on the App Store:


The goal of the game is to open 18 hidden monster by answering questions about their colors. It is a perfect opportunity to extend your “colorbase” and learn names of those colors in 8 different languages.

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Big Plans about Game Development Blog

This is the first post of my developer blog. I’ll try to write daily except on the dates when I’m traveling or super busy, or just don’t have much to say.

Today I registered asmolgam.com. This site will be a main link for all my apps and games. Besides the developer blog, I plan to review some simple free games about which nobody else is writing.
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