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New app: Flags Quiz – World Continents

After a long pause, we are excited to present a new app called Flags Quiz – World Continents.

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This app continues our geography quiz series.

The English description of the game is the following:

This is the best opportunity to learn all important flags of the countries and territories of the Earth.
They are divided into 6 groups:
1) Europe (62 flags)
2) Asia (53 flags)
3) North and Central America (38 flags)
4) South America (13 flags)
5) Africa (56 flags)
6) Australia and Oceania (24 flags)

Each continent provides several distinct learning modes:
1) Spelling quiz (easy and hard)
2) Multiple-choice quiz
3) Time Game (give as many answers as you can in 1 minute)
4) Flashcards

This app is translated into 16 languages.

Learn all flags from Afghanistan and British Virgin Islands to Wales and Zimbabwe!

As you can see, the gameplay was substantially improved comparing to our previous apps. Now you can earn stars for completing each quiz mode for every continent. Australia and Oceania is especially challenging. Flashcards provide a learning and training opportunity.

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Ads Stats

I haven’t started experimenting with different ad networks yet and use standard solutions in my apps: AdMob (banners and interstitials for iOS and banners for Android) + iAd (only banners for iOS). Since Android versions of apps appeared very recently, I have a reliable stats only for iOS.

Ads are mediated through AdMob with the “Optimize AdMob Network” option checked. It results in a much higher number of impressions and higher eCPM for AdMob than for iAd, but I found that this scheme generates the greatest income. It’s important to remember that AdMob works everywhere, while iAd is available only in 16 countries.

Below, I show the Ads Stats for a typical week in August-September. There are always daily fluctuations in income with Saturday usually being the best day.

The numbers are self-explanatory for those in mob dev business. My 46 apps bring about $150 and 140k impressions a day. Fill rates are very high and the cost per click is about 15 cents. Of course, these number may vary between apps and countries. Here is the stats for the most profitable app Flags of the World (AdMob banner, AdMob interstitials, iAd banner):

Banners are shown constantly interchanging AdMob/iAd while interstitials are shown after every 15 questions. I’d like to point out that there is an in-app-purchase to remove ads for $0.99 and thus all these stats may be slightly disturbed comparing to actual app usage.

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Important Geography Apps on Android: Flags of the World, 50 US States, and European Countries

Three geographic apps that are performing very well on iOS (my top three apps of August in terms of income) are now available on the Google Play Store. And they are absolutely FREE, without in-app-purchases and questions / modes closed behind paywalls.

Flags of the World (Android)
Get it on Google Play

50 US States (Android) got a new mode Time Game. And all questions are free now.

Get it on Google Play

And finally, European Countries (Android) with a new neater icon.

Get it on Google Play

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Flags of All Countries of the World

I already have 5 separate apps about all countries on all continents. They range from very popular European Countries to Australia and Oceania that is lagging behind. The idea to combine all countries in one comprehensive app seemed reasonable. My new app Flags of All Countries of the World accomplish this in respect of national flags.

The English description of the game is the following:

Why do I prefer this app to many other apps about flags?
Because it has all flags of all 197 independent countries of the World! It is extremely user-friendly. You will always get a hint whether you’re right or wrong. Thus, you’ll never get stuck by the question for which you don’t know the answer. Choose the game mode and find the state flag of your country:
* Spelling quizzes (easy and hard)
* Multiple-choice quizzes – “challenges” (also easy and hard)
* Time game (give the most answers in 1 minute)

The user has to give 50 right answers in the easy spelling quiz (the easiest flags to guess) to access the hard modes. Two multiple-choice quizzes have different sets of flags and separate leaderboards in Game Center. The Time Game includes all 197 flags and can be opened after an IAP that also removes all ads.

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