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Financial Report – September 2014

All important apps have been rewritten for Android and now I have 46 apps on the Apple App Store (iOS) and 38 apps on the Google Play Store (Android).

Here is my income from Jan 2014 (about $15.5k so far):

In January, I was earning on average $3.5 a day. Since August 20, my daily income haven’t fell below $150 / day. Total income in August is $4,198. This amount is comparable with my salary that I had 2 years ago as a chemistry postdoc at Berkeley.

75% of money are from showing ads and only 25% from sales and in-app-purchases (next week, all my apps can be downloaded for free).

The most profitable are Geography apps, such as:

50 US States (iOS, Android) $2,532 (16.5% of total income).
European Countries (iOS, Android) $2,098 (13.6%).
Flags of the World (iOS, Android) $1,448 (9.5%).

Localization into 9 languages was a very clever decision. United States accounts for 28.4% of total income, Germany 10.9%, Russia 8.8%, France 6.7%, and so on.

The Google Play store is very different from the Apple App store in download trends, search optimization and algorithms. By now, the income from Android apps is just $15.29 but it is constantly growing and I’m just in the beginning of understanding this platform.

Many thanks to everyone who supports me. I will be glad to answer your questions and hear your suggestions how to improve my apps.



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Chemical Substances

While I am busy with Android, my 47th iOS app Chemical Substances has been approved (after 10 days waiting for review). This is the collection of quizzes on 200 most basic chemical substances: both organic and inorganic. With the beginning of an academic year, I see the growing interest to my chemistry apps.

The English description of the game is the following:

Learn 200 chemical substances that are studied in introductory and advanced chemistry classes:
* systematic and trivial names
* structures and formulas
* organic, inorganic, and organometallic compounds
* two different quiz modes
* 100 easy and 100 difficult chemicals

And it appears simultaneously on the Google Play:
Get it on Google Play

icons for buttons were downloaded from iconmonstr or were created with Font Awesome.



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Important Geography Apps on Android: Flags of the World, 50 US States, and European Countries

Three geographic apps that are performing very well on iOS (my top three apps of August in terms of income) are now available on the Google Play Store. And they are absolutely FREE, without in-app-purchases and questions / modes closed behind paywalls.

Flags of the World (Android)
Get it on Google Play

50 US States (Android) got a new mode Time Game. And all questions are free now.

Get it on Google Play

And finally, European Countries (Android) with a new neater icon.

Get it on Google Play

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Hydrocarbons and Amino Acids on Android

I continue adding my apps to the Google Play. Recently, two chemistry apps appeared there: Hydrocarbons (Android):
Get it on Google Play

and Amino Acids (Android):
Get it on Google Play

They are not the exact copies of their iOS counterparts. There are several major improvements:
1) There are no IAPs: all questions in Hydrocarbons and flashcards in Amino Acids are available for free. And both apps are free as well.
2) There are new multiple-choice modes that cover all compounds and provide a nice variety to the existing letter quizzes.
3) Both apps are brought to the latest standards of my quizzes: 14 letters, scalability of all elements, a different layout of the main menu.
4) There were multiple fixes and changes in localization, icons, and so on.
5) In my all Android apps, the language can be chosen in the game Settings rather than in the device Settings that is much more convenient and looks very nice.

The same updates will come to iOS in due time. All other quizzes will be added to Google Play soon. I am updating the corresponding parts of this site and I am always glad to hear your suggestions and ideas about my apps.

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Famous Operas and Composers App debuts on Android

Today is the big day: Famous Operas and Composers is my first app to appear on Android devices.

  Get it on Google Play

The app is the essentially rewritten iOS verison. I wrote about it in this blog when it was published two months ago: https://asmolgam.com/2014/07/04/famous-operas/.

After several days-weeks-months of development, my apps will start appearing on the second platform. First, on Google Play. Then I may think about other Android stores. It is the time to celebrate. It is the time to work even harder to transfer all other quizzes during the next several weeks.

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