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Famous Operas

I continue create apps on the topics I like and know relatively well. Please, ladies and gentlemen, welcome Famous Operas.

The English description of the game is the following:

For all opera fans! Demonstrate your knowledge of the 50 most performed operas by the most important opera composers. The app has 3 game modes:
* guessing the opera from its poster
* guessing the composer from the portrait
* find the correspondence between the title of an opera, the name of a composer, an opera poster, and a composer’s portrait

Please contact me at asmolgam@gmail.com if you want to see your favorite opera in the updated version of this app.

It was surprisingly time-consuming to find good-looking posters for all operas. In case of “Wozzeck”, for example, I just dropped it, but how can I miss “Il Trovatore” in the app called “Famous Operas”? On the other hand, portraits of composers are easy to find.

icons for buttons were downloaded from iconmonstr or were created with Font Awesome.



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fruHarvest: Gather Fruits, Berries, and Vegetables while the Sun is Shining


Greet fruHarvest, my first non-quiz game with 49 different fruits (well, more correctly 49 fruits, berries, and vegetables) to harvest by simple tapping the screen. There are 4 kinds of fruits in the level, and each level brings a new fruit. Your goal is to collect the desired amount of fruits in a limited number of moves (taps). One type of fruits is pulsating and only pulsating fruits in the same row and column that you’ve tapped, are removed.

I started working on this game in July by drawing fruits. The app looked almost ready by the middle of August, but this time I wanted to implement several technologies that I hadn’t touched before: the Game Center, music, consumable in-app-purchases, the Flurry Analytics, layouts, and dozens of smaller things. Meanwhile, the new iOS 7 system appeared, and it required a couple of days of additional tuning.

The Game Center was especially tough one, but eventually it works: there are one leaderboard for the highest level and 14 achievements ranging from opening and removing a certain amount of fruits to even loosing in the very first level. The game is so intuitive and so simple (in the beginning) that the last achievement constitutes a formidable challenge.

The music credits go to two 19th century composers: Mikhail Glinka and Franz Schubert. An acoustic guitar performs the vocal part of two songs: Glinka’s Travelling Song (“Попутная песня” in Russian; 1840) and Schubert’s Farewell (“Abschied” in German; 1828). Unable to find good and free music files, I had to create them myself from sheet music in MuseScore. It was also a fun thing to do.

To celebrate the launch of fruHarvest, in the next 49 days, I’m going to buy and eat the fruits (and berries, and vegetables) in a real life in the order they appear in the game. Hopefully, I can find all of them in the neighborhood’s grocery store. These fruits will be a great starting point for the future blog posts.

I hope that you enjoy this game. Thank you for downloading it. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and send suggestions.

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