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Ads Stats

I haven’t started experimenting with different ad networks yet and use standard solutions in my apps: AdMob (banners and interstitials for iOS and banners for Android) + iAd (only banners for iOS). Since Android versions of apps appeared very recently, I have a reliable stats only for iOS.

Ads are mediated through AdMob with the “Optimize AdMob Network” option checked. It results in a much higher number of impressions and higher eCPM for AdMob than for iAd, but I found that this scheme generates the greatest income. It’s important to remember that AdMob works everywhere, while iAd is available only in 16 countries.

Below, I show the Ads Stats for a typical week in August-September. There are always daily fluctuations in income with Saturday usually being the best day.

The numbers are self-explanatory for those in mob dev business. My 46 apps bring about $150 and 140k impressions a day. Fill rates are very high and the cost per click is about 15 cents. Of course, these number may vary between apps and countries. Here is the stats for the most profitable app Flags of the World (AdMob banner, AdMob interstitials, iAd banner):

Banners are shown constantly interchanging AdMob/iAd while interstitials are shown after every 15 questions. I’d like to point out that there is an in-app-purchase to remove ads for $0.99 and thus all these stats may be slightly disturbed comparing to actual app usage.


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Carboxylic acid – Ester and Salt Names – Organic Chemistry Quiz

The app Carboxylic acids was released on Monday together with Greek Letters and Alphabet 2 and it was featured as a new free app in the Games/Word category for a couple of days. I got 250 downloads yesterday that is very good for so specific topic. Well, if people in Apple like “smart” apps, I’m ready to create many apps about different chemistry topics. We’ll see.

The English description of the app is the following:

Carboxylic acids and esters are one of the most important classes of organic compounds. They are everywhere:
* in food (citric acid; vinegar = a solution of acetic acid);
* in drugs (aspirin = acetylsalicylic acid);
* in fats (triglycerides are esters of fatty acids and glycerol);
* in plastics (polyesters);
* in biochemistry (transformation of pyruvate through the citric acid cycle);
* and even in ants 🙂 (formic acid)

Learn structures and trivial names of 50 most important carboxylic acids and their esters and salts.
* Aliphatic saturated acids
* Unsaturated and substituted acids
* Di- and tricarboxylic acids
* Aromatic acids

* pKa values of all acids!


All modes are available for free (though all flashcards require in-app-purchase), but one has to give a certain number of correct answer in first modes to open the next ones.

icons for buttons were downloaded from iconmonstr or were created with Font Awesome.


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