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Important Geography Apps on Android: Flags of the World, 50 US States, and European Countries

Three geographic apps that are performing very well on iOS (my top three apps of August in terms of income) are now available on the Google Play Store. And they are absolutely FREE, without in-app-purchases and questions / modes closed behind paywalls.

Flags of the World (Android)
Get it on Google Play

50 US States (Android) got a new mode Time Game. And all questions are free now.

Get it on Google Play

And finally, European Countries (Android) with a new neater icon.

Get it on Google Play


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50 US States v. 1.2

The second update for 50 US States adds a lot of new content – two new modes.
1. State flags
2. Challenge – a multiple-choice quiz on maps, capitals and flags of all 50 states.

Among smaller additions: Dutch localization and a link to the US Presidents app.

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50 US States v. 1.1

50 US States was my the most successful app so far and has changed the focus of my app-making efforts from chemistry to geography. Now it gets the first update and there are three important improvements.

1. There is a new mode “Find the state on the US map”. It is somewhat similar to the previous mode with state borders outlines but it shows where exactly the state is situated on the US map. Most people will find this info quite important. For smaller states of the Northeast, I use the zoomed map. Still Rhode Island is a tiny red spot.

2. There are now 14 rather than 12 letters on the player’s “keyboard”. And the answer boxes are scaled down accordingly if the name is too long. So if the answer has 14 letters or less, you can spell it completely. If it has more than 14 letters, you can place first 14 and then there are additional letters printed with a large blue font. This is a very important improvement and now I wonder why I didn’t do it for my very first quiz of this type.

3. Despite high downloads and ad revenues for 50 States, nobody purchased an IAP “Remove Ads”. It is very surprising for me, because even in a very nerdy and unlocalized app about Heterocyclic Compounds, there was one ads-removing purchase. It seems that ads are fine for most of users. At the same time European Countries quiz has shown that people are willing to pay for an additional content. So in the new mode, I made only the first half of questions free. Then the player sees the “Buy screen” and is offered an opportunity to support the developer (i.e. me), get the rest of the questions and remove all ads: the banner and interstitials.

And as usual, there are tons of small fixes in design, localization and keywords. The new mode and main menu prompted me to change two of five app screenshots. This update is a huge step forward for this game and all my quizzes. Enjoy!

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50 American States Map and Capital Cities of US Quiz

Besides chemistry, I used to like geography. And there are a plenty of good topics for geography quiz. I decided to start with US States Map and Capital Cities. There are a bunch of apps on this subject on the App Store, but my app is the best 🙂

Please check also a comprehensive review of the app and its functionality by Concordia University Online Nebraska: http://online.cune.edu/50-states-capitals-flags-app-review/

The English description of the game is the following:

All 50 states! All 50 capitals! From New England and the Great Lakes to the California coast and the Alaska wilderness!

* Northeast
* Midwest
* South
* West


1. Initially, I was going to create an app about American cities. But it turned out to be very time consuming to find good (and available in public domain) pictures of several dozens of cities. I had visited (or lived in) some of them myself and I had my own photos (NYC, Pittsburgh, SLC, several others) but still… a lot of search. Meanwhile I created nice maps of all 50 states and decided to focus on state names first. I added capitals as the second mode

2. Features:
– My first geography quiz
– Photos as button icons; a US flag as a background
– I localized the app to 8 languages and I wonder if there is an interest for the US geography in other countries
– The setting button among the mode buttons in the main menu
– The only IAP removes ads

3. Acknowledgements:
icons for buttons were downloaded from iconmonstr or were created with Font Awesome.

My own photos of the Golden Gate Bridge in SF; the Utah Capitol in SLC; and a fire hydrant in Pittsburgh.


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