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Learn Numerals 1.1 and Hydrocarbons 1.2

Two apps have been updated today: Learn Numerals and Hydrocarbons. In Learn Numerals, I changed an icon to a brighter one, with an yellow background. In both apps, I added the Swedish localization. I consider this language the next most important in Europe after those 7 already present in my apps. The next will be Dutch. Besides the new localization, I added 5 new hydrocarbons and the “Unlimited Hints” purchase to the Hydrocarbons app. It is easier to get to the Settings now when the buttons of paid modes became active.


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SI Unit Prefixes – Update to v 1.1

I updated SI Unit Prefixes. Download numbers were very low for this app, and I blamed the wrong category (changed it from Reference to Games Educational / Trivia). I also localized it to 5 additional languages: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. There were several minor fixes in app design as well but the question database remained the same as in 1.0. Enjoy!

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Amino Acids v. 1.1

A new version of Amino Acids Structures and Names was approved on Monday, simultaneously with the Inorganic acids app. That’s why I decided to write about the new app first.

There are several improvements and changes. I added the Main Menu, so now the user can choose between 5 modes: 1) names of 22 proteinogenic amino acids; 2) their abbreviations; 3) 22 flashcards on them; 4) other related compounds, such as dipeptides and non-proteinogenic amino acids; 5) 19 flashcards about these other compounds.

I added German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian localizations. Translating the app into these languages proved to be beneficial for the Hydrocarbons app.

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