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I got started reading several WordPress “getting started” manuals. What I like about WP is the community. I just started blogging and three persons are already following my blog without any promotion from my side. I welcome The Gaming Grad, Opinionated Man, and Tanner Hawryluk. I decided that it would be polite to follow them back, though I’m not sure I’ll have time to read all their posts. I still have to figure out the difference between following and subscription. I’m fine with checking the WP Reader daily, and getting e-mails about every new post would be unnecessary.

My next game will support the Game Center to increase its visibility. I didn’t use the Game Center myself and it made things even worse. However, it doesn’t look difficult to implement according to the official guide. At least, I started reading about it – a huge step for a lazy bear like me. I even signed up for the Game Center myself (at last!). Yep, it doesn’t look complicated from the player’s point of view. Then I created a test leaderboard and a test achievement for Push and Match – the highest level and the “collect 1000 red” challenge.

The translation of blog posts into Russian on Asmolgamrus is going slowly. WP allows setting any date for an uploaded post, so I matched the dates when original English versions appeared. In the future, I’ll do my best to translate posts into Russian immediately (at least on the same day) after I’ll have posted them here. Or I’ll become tired of this routine. It’s not marketing, after all, but an exercise in the English-into-Russian translation. I don’t even share those Russian posts on twitter and I doubt I need @asmolgramrus.

The first item on the Tutorial page, Useful Links, appeared today. It’s not a tutorial but many game developers will find it extremely useful (as I did). There are only 6 useful links now, but I’ll keep updating it regularly.

And today I came up with a crude idea of a new game Monsters Gardeners that will recycle graphics from What Color is This Monster? and fruColor. But if a prototype fails to be entertaining, this will be the first and the last time you hear about this game.


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