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Thinking about quizzes and recycling What Color is This Monster?, I came up with an idea of tests about the biologically important class of chemicals, amino acids. I always was reluctant and skeptical about chemistry apps. They cannot be blockbuster hits. There are maybe thousands rather than millions of users who can potential download these apps. Moreover, I wanted to show that I can do something outside my field of expertise. The fact that I was trained as a chemist doesn’t automatically mean that all I’m working on has to deal with chemistry.

There are several amino acid quizzes on the App Store. I consider only free ones because it’s stupid to ask money for something easily available in Wikipedia. So I downloaded 6 free apps about amino acids and genetic code. One was OK and I didn’t like other five. Thus, there is a broad road for improvement. At least, I can draw truly beautiful chemical structures in color.

Today I was obsessed with the analysis of chemistry-related keywords. I checked everything that came to my mind and I was happy to find some interesting hits with a high traffic and a low competition that I’d include to my app. But first I’ll study more about existing apps, read the user comments, and develop a clear vision of an ideal app about amino acids. I don’t set any deadlines.

It’s amazing that I can generate an interesting game idea every day. For example, Monsters Gardners turned out to be very playable when I drew a bunch of different levels. It means I have to continue drawing fruits, vegetables, and monsters. I spent late night pondering about the symmetry of simple geometric figures. There are just too many different projects I want to work on simultaneously. This remember me an “1000 apps” joke about uploading 1000 apps to the App Store. If on average, an app generate $1 income per month, I can live on it.

As for the blog development, I chose what widgets I want to see on the side bar and in what order. The alignment is not final but that’s all widgets I need now and even more.


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