Monster! Update of the First Game

I am currently watching the performance of Greek Letters and Alphabet, updating What Color is This Monster?, and developing fruHarvest. A couple of words about each project.

1. Greek Letters are doing fine. Financially a bit better than What Color is This Monster? did in its first week. But still the earning are dismal and meagre and I still need a thousand of such apps to merely survive. I praise the AdNetwork Mediation that came in the place of AdWhirl. Recently, I upgraded my AdMob account to a newer version (not without troubles, and some lost settings) and now ads mediation is even simpler, with just one ID number and a convenient system for assigning country preferences. I keep eCPM for AdMob at $0.15 for absolutely all countries, and $0.10 for iAd for all countries except those 11 states where iAd is active (eCPM there is $0.20).

2. After a long preparatory period, observations and reflections, in one day, I updated the most prominent features of What Color is This Monster?. From now, it’s called Monster! What Color is It? Take a Quiz! or just Monster!. I changed the name, bundle display name, icon, background, keywords for all languages, localized descriptions (it’s better to be short but in a right language), remove IAPs that opened monsters on separate pages, fixed minor typos, and switched to AdNetwork Mediation. The version 1.1 has been sent for the review. Oh, I also changed the launching screens adding the ref to and I am going to use these screens for next apps with minor modifications only. Let’s see if this refurbishing revives the interest to 2-month old game.

3. Another name change happened for the fruColor project. I decided that it will have nothing to do with colors rather with all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Thus, it’s renamed to fruHarvest. The final name is likely to be bigger. Something like fruHarvest: Collect All Fruits and Veggies in One Day. I can see very clearly how the keyword in the game’s name boasts its position in the search results. For example, Greek Letters and Alphabet occupies the 9th place among more than 900 apps with a keyword greek. I’m very exciting about fruHarvest because it’s a new type of apps for me. It’s not a quiz. It’s a brainless “tap-and-pop-the-fruit” fun!


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