Fruitopedia [FruitoMarathon: Day 1 – Tomato]

Today I start a series of posts that I announced in the description of fruHarvest – one of my new games. I’m going to buy each fruit that I included to the game, take a picture of it, and then eat it, of course.

Besides pics of fruits, the reader will get a piece of a story or an advice about app development. Today I’d like to talk about the section of fruHarvest called “Fruitopedia”. It’s logical to start with it because it’s essentially a table of all fruits represented in the game in the order they appear after finishing levels. So one may consider it as a built-in achievement board. It also explains why Tomato is #1.

To get to Fruitopedia, click on the spade icon in the top left corner – it opens the main menu layer – and choose “Fruitopedia”. In the Level 1 you have 4 fruits already open. Tomato is the first one. Once you’ll have completed the first level, it will be substituted with Watermelon on the game field. Tomato would disappear for awhile: until you lose and start over, or until you reach Level 46 and fruits start repeating. In the latter case, you would open all fruits in Fruitopedia.

There are 7 Game Center achievements gained for opening each row in Fruitopedia. Fruitopedia is also a great way to see the name of the fruit if you missed it on the New Level screen. Let your Fruitopedia be full and colorful!


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