US Presidents

Yesterday, it was a very productive day for me and my apps. Two were approved and released: US Presidents and Asian Countries, about which I’ve already written in the blog.
US Presidents had been initially based on the quiz model of Famous Scientists but evolved into something more similar to my other apps. It has a main menu screen with two modes: a spelling quiz and a multiple-choice quiz. Some 19th-century presidents are so obscure for the modern public, that I disabled the loss after 5 mistakes that I introduced in Scientists. For me, it’s more important to keep users happy and allow them to learn new information.

Americans are obsessed with their presidents and school-children learn their names and years in the office. There is an ongoing 1-dollar coin series with portraits of all presidents. As usual, I localized the app into 9 languages but I expect about 75% of downloads and revenue from the U.S.

The English description of the game is the following:

Learn all US Presidents. Improve your knowledge of American history!
* George Washington,
* Abraham Lincoln,
* Theodore Roosevelt,
* John F. Kennedy,
* Ronald Reagan,
…and all other US Presidents in one app.


– “Rate the App” button on the main menu screen. Let’s see if it will bring more reviews.
– There are all 43 presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama. Wait a minute, isn’t Obama the 44th President? He is. But Grover Cleveland who held the office for two non-consecutive terms is considered being both 22nd and 24th President. 44 presidents and 43 men.
– Many US presidents had the same last name. In the “letter-quiz”, I ask only for the last name for the sake of consistency. There should not be any confusion, because first names still can be revealed as a hint by pressing the “Info” button.

3. Acknowledgements:
icons for buttons were downloaded from iconmonstr or were created with Font Awesome.



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