Australia and Oceania

Today I finish my series of apps about the World geography. Australia and Oceania is the last region with independent countries. Please check my apps about European Countries, American Countries, Asian Countries, and African Countries.

The English description of the game is the following:

This app combines 2 important geographic topics:
– 6 States and 2 Territories of Australia and
– 14 independent countries and islands in Oceania, including New Zealand, Fiji and many others.
Learn them all!
* flags
* capitals
* maps

Countries of Oceania is an obscure topic. Besides Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, they are tiny islands and people know very little about them. And there are not so many of them, just 14 independent states, so I added States of Australia as the second mode. Thus this app is also a contribution to my new series about administrative division of major countries.

icons for buttons were downloaded from iconmonstr or were created with Font Awesome.



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