Famous Scientists – version 1.1

I prepared a major update for Famous Scientists. Perhaps, I spent more time on it than on the original app, but it’s worth it. The number of improvements is significant:
1) 20 new scientists (from Descartes to Avogadro) with info descriptions.
2) Main menu like in my other apps with the choice of modes.
3) Multiple-choice mode (called “Chaos”, while the original linear mode is called “Order”). Portraits of scientists can be answers and the buttons are scaled correspondingly.
4) There is no longer possible to lose and start all over after 5 wrong letters. This innovation didn’t stimulate purchasing of Unlimited Hints and just annoyed the players.
5) Minor corrections in the German title and keywords. However, I didn’t add the Dutch localization (though I added a new Dutch scientist – Antoine van Leeuwenhoek, an inventor of the microscope and the discoverer of unicellular organisms).

If these improvements revive the app, I’ll update several my old apps as well and I’m always open to your suggestions.


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