Provinces of Turkey

I was asked to prepare an app about Provinces of Turkey. I agreed because it was an excellent opportunity to get a translation into Turkish that can be potentially used in my other apps and the Turkish app market is going to grow.

The English description of the game is the following:

Learn all 81 provinces of Turkey: from Istanbul and Ankara to Erzurum and Van.
There are 4 different quiz modes about:
* names of all Turkish provinces
* their location on the map of Turkey
* two-digit province numbers (license plate codes)

Become an expert in geography of Turkey!

This app is translated into Turkish language.

Now I am mostly doing updates for my previous apps. When Apple releases a new iOS, the review process is usually slow. This app has waited for review for 11 days. Meanwhile, the Google Play version was published:

Get it on Google Play

I am grateful to Mert for his idea of this app and for his translation into Turkish. It is a quite difficult language, and I wouldn’t be able to translate the app myself using Google Translate.

Icons for buttons were downloaded from iconmonstr or were created with Font Awesome.



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