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African Countries

A new addition to my geography collection is the app about African Countries. Do you know that there are 54 independent states in Africa? This quiz is hard comparing with European Countries, for example. I consider myself good in geography but I don’t know a half of African capitals and flags.

The English description of the game is the following:

Learn all 54 independent African countries, including South Sudan:
* All flags
* All capitals
* All maps
* African Challenge
* Time Game


The lion’s head for the app icon was taken from the coat of arms of Burundi.
After it was approved, the app had the status “Processing for App Store” for 1.5 days. Usually, it takes no longer than 30 min. I don’t have good explanation why it was so delayed this time.

icons for buttons were downloaded from iconmonstr or were created with Font Awesome.




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