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Functional Groups

Functional Groups had to be my first organic chemistry app. The topic is so general and fundamental for everyone studying organic chemistry. However, it is published only now after several apps devoted to specific classes of compounds: Hydrocarbons, Carboxylic acids, Heterocyclic Compounds, and Amino Acids.

The English description of the app is the following:

The most important app for organic chemistry students includes 80 functional groups, the classes of organic compounds (hydrocarbons, ethers, esters, etc.) and natural products (amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids, etc.). Take a quiz or use flashcards for memorizing them. Start from the basic groups and proceed to the advanced topics.


The app has four sets of questions and a flashcard mode. The mode called “Difficult” should actually be quite easy for a college student majoring in organic chemistry, not saying about PhD organic chemists. I included only 80 classes of organic compounds and natural products and I can easily propose 80 more important classes. It means that I have a lot of opportunities for the updates and all suggestions and comments are always welcome.

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