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Famous Scientists

Famous Scientists is a bit different from my previous quizzes. This app has so far one linear mode. Each question is a portrait of a famous scientist or a mathematician with an option to view an addition info (when he or she lived and why this person is famous) for 10 hints or open the next letter for 15 hints. If a player makes 5 mistakes, the game sequence returns back to Einstein (question #1). If you hate to lose and want to see all scientist and all info, you may consider buying the unlimited hints in Settings.

The English description of the game is the following:

Can you guess a famous scientist or a mathematician? Do you know why he or she is famous? Challenge yourself!
More than 40 scientists from Ancient Greek philosophers to modern cosmologists and molecular biologists.


1. There are 42 scientists in version 1.0. I tried to choose ones recognizable by a broad audience, not only by chemistry PhD’s. Depending on how successful this app is, I may add a couple of new faces. By the way, the longest part in preparing the app was to find and translate the info about scientists into all 8 languages.

2. Features:
– If first+last names have 11 or less letters, I put them both. Otherwise, only the surname.
– English physicists is the most numerous party in the app.
– There are 2 women scientists and 2 living scientists.

3. Acknowledgements:
icons for buttons were downloaded from iconmonstr or were created with Font Awesome.



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