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Chemical Elements of the Periodic Table – Name Quiz and Flashcards

The most popular chemistry-related topics are Chemical Elements and Periodic Table. There are more than 150 app about the latter on the App Store. I’m adding one more. But it’s not just a periodic table or a multiple choice quiz. It’s a cooler “spell the name of the element” quiz + flashcards + Mendeleev. Let’s see how competitive my app will be.

The English description of the game is the following:

You’ll learn the names of all 118 chemical elements with this app. Please choose the way of studying that suits you the best:

* Basic Elements Quiz
* Flashcards
* Periodic Table
* Advanced Elements Quiz

Please check the short bio of Dmitri Mendeleev, the discoverer of the Periodic Law.


– The game is available in 8 languages. It’s very easy to find translation of elements’ names.
– The buttons in the main menu look like “element cards”. For the first time, I added a link to my another app (Hydrocarbons) in the main menu.
– Periodic Table is very neat. One can find all 118 elements, their atomic numbers and masses.

icons for buttons were downloaded from iconmonstr or were created with Font Awesome.

For the app icon a fragment of Ilya Repin’s Portrait of Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev wearing the Edinburgh University professor robe (1885; The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow) is used.



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