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ChemTemplate – fruHarvest is almost ready

I don’t write to the blog, because I work on new apps and old apps are doing just fine without my reminds about their existence. After all, their download number is at least 2 orders of magnitude higher than the number of visits of this website. So what are major news?

fruHarvest is almost ready and I’ll be surprised if it’s not submitted for the revision this week (though I still have to update my OS X and Xcode). Today I plan to test it on an iPad and complete all levels. I’m in the 28th (of totally 46) now.

– A lot of work has been done on creating a template for future apps. It’s called ChemTemplate for now, because chemistry-related applications is the major direction I’m going to take in the next couple of weeks. The template is the first necessary step to my idea of “a thousand apps”. It incorporates the code for ads, IAPs, game center, and many other useful features.

– I had some doubts about the potential of chemistry apps on the App Store. But now I have a lot of doubts about any of my app. Let’s see how fruHarvest will start. If it’s on the par with Greek Letters, then I’ll focus on small and simple apps rather than on big games. Keeping this in mind, I started to revise the outline of asmolgam.com. Some pages can be still under construction. For example, I combined my CV with the contact form and changed the “Forgotten Games” page to “Chemistry Apps” page.


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