WCiTM? – Meet Asmolgamrus – AdMob Mediation – and some personal stuff

The major achievement today is the transfer of What Color is This Monster? from its blogspot home to this site. I played briefly with WordPress and I’m impressed how better it is than blogspot for my goals. The heroes of the game (Lamper, Clocker, Stump-axer, Visitor, and Dragoner) now inhabit the top bar instead of the default picture with old books.

A brief description and references to What Color is This Monster? can be found on the Games page and at the right sidebar. It was my first experimental app and an attempt to build a quiz game. Well, probably it’s not my genre and I’ll be back to “colored dots on a grid” in our next projects. The number of downloads is moderate (frankly speaking, very low) and I can blame the too-long title, the too-detailed icon, and the lack of marketing. However, I call this app experimental because it allowed me to learn a lot about iOS development, Objective-C programming, and incorporation of basic monetization models.

Accordingly, I changed the support links on the App Store to asmolgam.com (should check later if these changes take place). Let’s see if we’ll have new visitors from the market. I’m not going to kill the blogspot blog, but I don’t have a single intention to update it: consider it frozen until the Judgement day.

In parallel to the development of this site, I created its Russian version Асмолгамрус. It’s pretty empty now but I’m going to translate and move everything there. I understand that most of my readers will visit only one of these sites. Nevertheless, I’m a Russian blogger, and a blogger in Russia is more than a blogger. So it is – please join me in welcoming Asmolgamrus by pressing its link on the right (below the Game).

Yesterday, I read more about Google closing AdWhirl. I plan to switch to AdMob Mediation. First, it will be implemented in the next game and then I’ll see what the best solution for WCiTM? (a pretty lame abbreviation, I don’t recognize it myself) is. Maybe I’ll have time to talk more about technical details. For this reason, I reserved a new page called Tutorials where I’ll put concise step-by-step instructions how to add a new app in iTunesConnect, for example, and add ads at apps.

Finally, I composed a couple words about myself. Please check Dr. Andrey section to find more about a chemist to a game developer transition. I may expand this story in the future especially if I return back to academic science. (I’m waiting to coauthor my 14th chemistry publication soon.)


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