@asmolgam – Apple Badges – Testing Next Games

Yesterday, when I added the post to a developer blog, I noticed that WP allows you automatically share it on Twitter. When I registered asmolgam.com, I also signed for @asmolgam. Now they are connected. I’m not sure how effective twittering is for game marketing but let it be: I don’t have to feed it thrice a day. I suspect that nobody reads game-oriented blogs, or twitter, or fb (unless you published a blockbuster). I’m a bit reluctant to add asmolgam to Facebook. This guy’s design scares me.

I added the “Download on the App Store” badge for “What Color is This Monster?”. Apple has guidelines about marketing apps correctly. For example, I wrote “available in the AppStore” in my draft versions. That’s incorrect: should be precisely “Download on the App Store”. One also has to sign a license agreement before downloading badges here. Everything is so official, so serious, not a google-image-download stuff you may expect. I became so awed that I added a footer about Apple trademarks belonging to Apple. Just in case.

Then I realized that I can generate a direct link with a badge, though I had to add a space before “status” and to remove the html code part starting with @media, and it works perfectly without it. Still, they don’t generate a localized Russian button automatically and I used the downloaded pic for Asmolgamrus. I’m not sure what’s the best way to refer to all my apps. Do they have a special badge for this? Now I just add a simple link with a small “App Store” badge.

Having said about Asmolgamrus: I translated Pages into Russian and I try to implement there all features that are featured on asmolgam.com. The header picture is the same. I can prepare a dozen of such frescos using Monster’s graphic but this one is good enough. It looks like the heroes meet each other. A one-pixel black border was added to the Russian flag in the link to Asmolgamrus.

Today I tested one of my future games called Push and Match on the iPad. It’s fun (if you know how to play) but most parameters must be optimized. The game quickly transforms from boringly simple to incredibly hard. Luckily the desired elements came exactly to the cells where they matched others and I solved the last level.

And the feeling that What Color is This Monster? has to be re-done is growing. The update won’t save it. I’ll change everything: from the name of game to monsters. It will be a complete new app and I’m very curious if it will earn more than the original game. In my opinion, it’s impossible to earn less.


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