Color Fruits – Chemistry Apps – First iOS App

First, I wrote a post every day. Then every other day. This time I’ve skipped two days without posts. It’s sad. Perhaps, I’m very busy with doing apps? I wish it was true. Here is a brief list of my recent accomplishments.

1) I scanned and colored all fruits and vegetables that I drew for fruColor game. I’m not sure that realistically looking fruits are the best choice for simple games but I’m satisfied with the result. Some of my fruits look very much alike the real things.

2) I’m continuing to download and analyze chemistry-related apps. Most of them are of surprisingly poor quality. One has a right to expect that the authors of those apps know about subscript/superscript numbers and significant digits. What’s not surprising, that those apps universally have low rates or no rates at all if they are not free. Yes, the authors dare to charge you $1 or even $3 for a lame molar mass calculator. My dream is to prepare a set of professionally looking chemistry apps on various topics already covered and not yet covered on the App Store. For example, there are five quizzes on polyatomic ions and all five are poorly executed. It seems to be one of a textbook chemistry topics tested in the MCAT and related exams.

3) Most of chemistry app are done with standard iOS elements, so I’m studying how to add all those buttons and segues (transitions between views). Since I’m not a programmer, I read very basic stuff from Apple such as Your First iOS App guide.

As always, I have a lot of ideas and very little working code. If in doubt what to do, learn how to write the code and write the code, not blog posts.


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