More Fruits – Amino Acid Structures – Sales Increase

I’m busy with both real-life tasks and with reading about creation of apps. Today I’ll be very brief.
– I got an inspiration to draw more fruits and vegetables. Essentially I want to draw every thing that comes to my mind. Though some objects (cabbage!) are difficult to draw realistically, while others are a pice of cake (bell pepper!).
– I drew the structure of 23 amino acids (20 classical + selenocysteine + pyrrolysine + β-alanine). I refused to use Elementals and switched to a different editor. But it’s merely a beginning. I need much more chemical graphics, not saying about the implementation of the functional app.
– Thus, I found that it’s too early to read books and Wiki for “amino acid tips” that I want to introduce after every correct answer. I can write dozens of them, but it’s hard to choose which level of the user I’m targeting. Should I teach them that proteins consist of amino acid residues? Or must it be a trivial stuff for those who want to learn AA structures with the help of my app?
What Color is This Monster? was a paid app for 5 days. There is a significant increase in downloads today when it’s free again. 18 first days of July will be definitely more profitable than 18 days the game was on the App Store in June.


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