Review Times for Apps [FruitoMarathon: Day 3 – Peach]

The third fruit in fruHarvest is a peach. It’s also on the app’s icon. Today I’ll write about the review times for applications submitted to the App Store. It usually takes about a week before the status “Waiting for Review” changes to “In Review”. This website shows daily estimates: between 2.99 days on Aug. 9 and 8.45 days on Jan. 7 in this year. Let’s compare with waiting times of my apps:

Monster! What Color is It? Take a Quiz!
Version 1.0 – Submitted: Jun 7, 2013 – Reviewed: Jun 14 (7 days) – approved
Version 1.1 – Submitted: Aug 7, 2013 – Reviewed: Aug 12-13 (5-6 days) – approved

Greek Letters and Alphabet
Version 1.0 – Submitted: Jul 27, 2013 – Reviewed: Jul 30 (3 days) – rejected (IAP not added in app details) – Resubmitted: Jul 30 – Reviewed: Jul 31 (1 day) – approved

Version 1.0 – Submitted: Oct. 17, 2013 – Reviewed: Oct. 24 (7 days) – rejected (IAP are not loaded in the store) – Resubmitted: Oct. 24 – Reviewed: Oct. 30-31 (7 days) – approved

Version 1.0 – Submitted: Oct. 25, 2013 – Reviewed: Nov. 1 (7 days) – approved

Is there a correlation with times showed on that website? Not, really. The benchmark is 7 days and we all know it very well.

I’d like to add that besides “Waiting for Review”, you sometimes have to wait while it’s “In Review” (from 2 to 24 hours). Circles were reviewed relatively quickly, but then it took 7 hours in status “Processing for App Store” until it became “Ready for Sale” (usually it’s just 10-15 min, though I read stories about 36 hours in processing).


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