Circles: New Version


I’m glad to report that a new version Circles is available on the App Store. If you solved all levels in the first version and are looking for more challenging ones, here they are:

– 12 New levels (totally 21 levels in the Game) divided to three Circles;
– New topologies requiring completely new strategy. In some levels you slide two sectors simultaneously, it makes the puzzle a 2D analogy of a Sphere or a Klein bottle in addition to the Torus topology of original 9 levels;
– Levels with 4 Rings: match three internal sectors by color as you did before and make all tiles in the external fourth ring of the same color too;
– A better control of tiles during rotating and sliding;
– Comprehensive Leaderboards in the Game Center summarizing your best times in the first 9 levels or in all 21 levels.

Please contact me if you have questions and suggestions. I promise to make timely updates of Circles based on your valuable feedbacks. Thanks!


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