SI Unit Prefixes

The idea of an app about SI Unit Prefixes came to me several months ago. I registered it at the iTunes Connect in September. At last, it’s here for everyone to enjoy.

The English description:

How many meters are in 1 nanometer? How many vertices does Dodecahedron have? Is 1 Mebibyte bigger than 1 Megabyte?
This app will help you to answer these and many other questions about decimal, binary, and number prefixes. It has a complete list of prefixes approved for SI units.

Please check 5 Tables and 5 Quizzes:
* Decimal Multiple: kilo-, Mega-, Giga-, etc.
* Decimal Fractional: milli-, micro-, nano-, etc.
* Number Latin: uni-, bi-, ter-, quart-, quint-, etc.
* Number Greek: mono-, di-, tri-, tetra-, penta-, etc.
* Binary: kibi-, mebi-, gibi-, etc.

A quick reference and an easy way to learn this information essential for everyone studying math, computer science, physics, and chemistry.


1. This app was uploaded several hours after Heterocyclic Compounds, they got into the review simultaneously, and SI Prefixes were approved 7 minutes before Heterocycles.

2. New features:
– This is my first app in the category Reference. Actually, after analyzing how the main page for each category is filled on the App Store, I’m leaning towards publishing all my apps as Games. To get on the first page of Education or Reference Apps, your app has to be picked up by Apple editors. In case of Games, all new free games get into the “New Free” bar.
– Tables show all question / answer pairs. It’s not only convenient for users, but helped me to check all errors and typos quickly during the development.

3. Acknowledgements:
icons for buttons were downloaded from iconmonstr or were created with Font Awesome.



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