Chemical Substances

While I am busy with Android, my 47th iOS app Chemical Substances has been approved (after 10 days waiting for review). This is the collection of quizzes on 200 most basic chemical substances: both organic and inorganic. With the beginning of an academic year, I see the growing interest to my chemistry apps.

The English description of the game is the following:

Learn 200 chemical substances that are studied in introductory and advanced chemistry classes:
* systematic and trivial names
* structures and formulas
* organic, inorganic, and organometallic compounds
* two different quiz modes
* 100 easy and 100 difficult chemicals

And it appears simultaneously on the Google Play:
Get it on Google Play

icons for buttons were downloaded from iconmonstr or were created with Font Awesome.




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8 responses to “Chemical Substances

  1. Great app! It refreshed me of common names and different oxidation states. Really helpful

    • Thank you for your feedback. Have you downloaded the iOS or Android version?

      • I have downloaded the Android version. No problems encountered so far.

        • It’s great to hear that there are no problems or crashes so far. I just started to transfer my apps to Android.

          Could you please rate this app on the Google Play store. It now has rating 2.5/5 and, though I as an author may be subjective, I think it’s little bit too low.

          • Yes I will. Though I don’t have a Google + account yet, I will make one later to rate your awesome app. I have also downloaded your other app Hydrocarbons and will download the amino acid app later. These apps will really evolve chemistry learning. I hope you will continue this.

          • Yes I will. Though I don’t have a Google+ account yet, I will make one later to rate your awesome app. I have also downloaded your other app Hydrocarbons and will download later the Amino acids. These apps evolve chemistry learning in a new level. I hope you continue making great chemistry apps.

  2. Yaël Hofmeier

    I have downloaded the chemical substances. Now Im learning them but at the moment it isn’t necessary for my studies that I know jet all of them. Is it possible to make a personality test only with the substances which are for me necessary?


    • Hi Yaël!
      No, the feature you described is not possible yet in our applications. But we plan to add such a customization of questions by users in future.
      Best wishes,

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