Financial Report – September 2014

All important apps have been rewritten for Android and now I have 46 apps on the Apple App Store (iOS) and 38 apps on the Google Play Store (Android).

Here is my income from Jan 2014 (about $15.5k so far):

In January, I was earning on average $3.5 a day. Since August 20, my daily income haven’t fell below $150 / day. Total income in August is $4,198. This amount is comparable with my salary that I had 2 years ago as a chemistry postdoc at Berkeley.

75% of money are from showing ads and only 25% from sales and in-app-purchases (next week, all my apps can be downloaded for free).

The most profitable are Geography apps, such as:

50 US States (iOS, Android) $2,532 (16.5% of total income).
European Countries (iOS, Android) $2,098 (13.6%).
Flags of the World (iOS, Android) $1,448 (9.5%).

Localization into 9 languages was a very clever decision. United States accounts for 28.4% of total income, Germany 10.9%, Russia 8.8%, France 6.7%, and so on.

The Google Play store is very different from the Apple App store in download trends, search optimization and algorithms. By now, the income from Android apps is just $15.29 but it is constantly growing and I’m just in the beginning of understanding this platform.

Many thanks to everyone who supports me. I will be glad to answer your questions and hear your suggestions how to improve my apps.



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7 responses to “Financial Report – September 2014

  1. Bjørn Borg Kjølseth

    Thank you very much for sharing, Andrey.

    It is very interesting to see your results.

    I was wondering if you could tell me what Ad-network you are using ?

    We are using Googles AdMob for Trioss and Conchita Wurst (only available for Android – was rejected due to offensive content by Apple….)

    With about 942 banner ad impressions we get 7 clicks, and 61 full page ads we get 2 clicks.

    (we earn about 1€ on these 9 clicks)

    For Conchita Wurst we had 188 banner impressions with 4 clicks and earned 10 €-cent

    Small numbers, but it would be interesting to hear if you earn your money from full page or banner ads ?

    Best regards


    • Hi Bjørn!

      Thank you for a comment. The ads stats is an interesting topic and I decided to write a separate post in the blog about my results:

      You can see that I use AdMob and iAd and both banners and interstitials, though I’m going to experiment with other networks soon.

      Your income is average for that number of impressions. I also see about $1 per 1,000 impression figures. Thus, the way to increase revenue is to increase the number of impressions. I did so by publishing more than 40 apps in 8 months and I get better results with educational apps rather than with puzzle games. I have apps that perform very poorly but I just move on, create new ones and hope for the best.

      Take care,

  2. Hi again Andrey,
    I am still impressed. We are embarking upon the same route that you have taken and call our app series “Mem-O-ri” “Because you want to know”. We want to create apps on topics thtat I/our players would like to know more about. Our first three have been in the geography category, but our next will have a different theme.

    My question to you, if you dont mind sharing, is what you did to market your apps, or is it mostly the cross-marketing within your apps that does the trick?

    • Hi Bjørn,

      I’m glad to see that you found my blog and my apps inspirational.
      The most important promotional technique for me is choosing the right topic and doing ASO – App Store Optimization: first of all, using descriptive app titles and finding relevant and less competitive keywords in all languages I localized into.
      Second, cross-promotion of my apps. Since I have more than 40 apps on very different topics, I don’t give a link to my website but rather a direct link to the App Store pages of the most relevant apps.
      Third, I write about new releases in this blog and in my blog in Russian. Besides these things, I don’t do any marketing or promotion right now. I may try it in the future if I publish an addicting game for a very broad audience.

      Good luck!

  3. Pete

    Your reports are very interesting – great work!
    Two questions:
    – How do you translate your games into multiple language – do you use a professional translator, crowd translation, or just a dictionary?
    – Are you using some platform (like Unity) for your games or do you develop each game individually for Android and iOS?


    • Hi Pete!
      Thanks for your comment and questions.
      Usually I translate my apps myself. So I try to keep all strings as simple as possible that I can translate them with Google Translate and Wikipedia (for example, names of all countries in any language can be easily found there). Russian is my native language, so there is no problem with this one. Sometimes I asked my friends who know other languages to check my translations.

      My apps are created with cocos2d-x framework. However, I’m thinking about Unity as a possible alternative for my future projects.

      • Pete

        I was also thinking of using Unity3d. But it is 4500USD license fees (Android Pro + iOS Pro + Unity Pro) + costs for the in-app-purchase plugins.

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