Big Plans about Game Development Blog

This is the first post of my developer blog. I’ll try to write daily except on the dates when I’m traveling or super busy, or just don’t have much to say.

Today I registered This site will be a main link for all my apps and games. Besides the developer blog, I plan to review some simple free games about which nobody else is writing.

So the first steps are to learn and customize the WordPress interface, and add the info about the first game What Color is This Monster? that is already published (see Games).

I also continue drawing the doodle fruits for my next project fruColor. And the BB asked me to learn more about Google closing the AdWhirl.

I have a lots of ideas to improve the site, create a Russian version, show the drafts of art of What Color is This Monster?, and tell you more about my projects, games, and chemistry. But I rather keep posts short and blog regularly. We’ll have time to chat about everything when it’s time and when it’s done.


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