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Inorganic Acids v. 1.1 – an Update with Localizations

Today the Apple review team decided to eliminate the backlog of apps awaiting for the review and they approved my 3 apps and this update of Inorganic Acids and Polyatomic Ions. I submitted it just 14 hours before its status became “In Review”.

There are two major things:

1) Localization into Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swedish languages. It’s probably the hardest of my apps to localize because the database is vast, strings are messy, and many compounds are quite obscure, so it’s impossible to find everything quickly in Wikipedia. But I designed the first version keeping only English and Russian in mind, and I don’t want to remove any compounds now.

As for the Italian translation, I am obliged to Sandro Soldano who did a great job on translating a lot of compounds’ names and fixing my lame Italian translations that I had done before. Thanks!

2) In v. 1.0, only the simplest acids and ions (“Acids 101”) were available without buying the in-app-purchase. This is less than one third of all compounds and since the purchasing activity was quite low, I decided to make the next level (“Acids 201” – 30 more acids and 30 more ions/salts) free. However, it is required to give 100 correct answers in the first level to get a free access to this second level. The IAP opens both the 2nd and 3rd levels immediately as it did before.

When I downloaded the app today, I noticed that I forgot to add one picture (more precisely, I added it but it has a wrong name: a little hyphen is missing). So it’s likely that I will soon submit Inorganic Acids v. 1.2 with “minor bugs fixed” in the What’s New section.

About three other apps that have been approved today, I’ll write in my blog later.


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SI Unit Prefixes – Update to v 1.1

I updated SI Unit Prefixes. Download numbers were very low for this app, and I blamed the wrong category (changed it from Reference to Games Educational / Trivia). I also localized it to 5 additional languages: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. There were several minor fixes in app design as well but the question database remained the same as in 1.0. Enjoy!

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Amino Acids v. 1.1

A new version of Amino Acids Structures and Names was approved on Monday, simultaneously with the Inorganic acids app. That’s why I decided to write about the new app first.

There are several improvements and changes. I added the Main Menu, so now the user can choose between 5 modes: 1) names of 22 proteinogenic amino acids; 2) their abbreviations; 3) 22 flashcards on them; 4) other related compounds, such as dipeptides and non-proteinogenic amino acids; 5) 19 flashcards about these other compounds.

I added German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian localizations. Translating the app into these languages proved to be beneficial for the Hydrocarbons app.

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Hydrocarbons 1.1

The new version of the Hydrocarbons app has been approved after 6 days of waiting and just 1 min of reviewing.

The major reason of the update was to add “promo nodes” (links after questions) to my recent apps. I moved the “Watch Ads” button from the Settings to the game as well, though it seems that the whole idea with interstitial screen ads doesn’t pay off in my case. There are several minor fixes in chemical formulas in their style or sizes. In the main menu, I highlighted that two locked modes (“Dienes & Polyenes” and “Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons”) can be unlocked (= bought) in Settings. The word “Buy” near an inactive button was a bit confusing. The letter keys were made bigger in case of iPhone/iPod. The sounds of correct letters now grow in their pitch which is not as monotonous as it was in 1.0.

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Circles: New Version


I’m glad to report that a new version Circles is available on the App Store. If you solved all levels in the first version and are looking for more challenging ones, here they are:

– 12 New levels (totally 21 levels in the Game) divided to three Circles;
– New topologies requiring completely new strategy. In some levels you slide two sectors simultaneously, it makes the puzzle a 2D analogy of a Sphere or a Klein bottle in addition to the Torus topology of original 9 levels;
– Levels with 4 Rings: match three internal sectors by color as you did before and make all tiles in the external fourth ring of the same color too;
– A better control of tiles during rotating and sliding;
– Comprehensive Leaderboards in the Game Center summarizing your best times in the first 9 levels or in all 21 levels.

Please contact me if you have questions and suggestions. I promise to make timely updates of Circles based on your valuable feedbacks. Thanks!

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Monster! is Ready for Sale

So my first update has been approved. I wrote about it in the previous post and now Version 1.1 called Monster! What Color is It? Take a Quiz! is ready for sale on the App Store. It’s exactly two months since the 1.0 was released on June 14. There are several points I’d like to emphasize:
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Monster! Update of the First Game

I am currently watching the performance of Greek Letters and Alphabet, updating What Color is This Monster?, and developing fruHarvest. A couple of words about each project.
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