From Amino Acids to Greek Letters (and even further…)

Search for the best chemistry-related words brought an interesting discovery. There are still a lot of words with a high user traffic and relatively few apps associated with them. I noticed it accidentally for several Greek letters and an idea of a quiz about Greek alphabet came into my mind.

I looked what’s available on the App Store. There are some quizzes about Greek symbols, most of them are not free. I’d like to mention GreekCharacterGame, a simple but decent app by a Japanese designer. But his approach is different from that we employed in
What Color is This Monster?
. So I didn’t abandon the idea of a “Greek test” (after all, it’s an excellent opportunity for me to learn those letters and their order in the Greek alphabet). Moreover, I expanded it into the idea of a quiz template that will allow me to create all kinds of quizzes very quickly just by changing the question database and the graphic design.

It brings me closer to an old idea of 1000 apps. Well, a thousand or even a hundred is beyond my capabilities and it’s hard to prepare 1000 good quizzes (I can easily prepare lame and trash quizzes earning $2 a month each and making me rich.) Let’s target 3 or 4 for the beginning.

I spent the day sketching game screens and learning about Greek ornaments. Let’s see if I can finish an app by the end of this week. Amino Acid Test is not forgotten but being a chemist myself, I want to see it done perfectly. I postpone it until I test the idea of the quiz template on some unrelated topics.


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